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But in 2009, the actor and his wife were arrested for conspiracy, burglary and defrauding the San Ysidro Ranch, outside Santa Barbara, CA, after stiffing the famed resort for a $10,000 bill. At the time, Lil Wayne was fresh off an eight-month sentence for attempted criminal possession of a weapon, and had also been legally prohibited from having alcohol for the next three years. Jenn Hoffman—blogger, reporter, and 2007 contestant on The Apprentice—reportedly got a one-year ban from Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont for posting on Twitter about other, more famous celebrities’ bad behavior. “The one thing I’ve learned throughout the years is that public persona is not always the reality behind closed doors. Still Unwelcome? Rose was arrested and taken to the police station for several hours. Still Unwelcome? Robert Plant has supposedly been back to the Edgewater, so if there was ever a ban, it seems to have been lifted. Moon’s 21st birthday bash reportedly involved him detonating a hotel toilet, launching a food fight, and backing a Lincoln Continental into the pool. Plonkey recalls one musician who threatened to take his 50-room entourage elsewhere if the hotel couldn’t add Turner Classic Movies to its cable offerings within a half hour. Lindsay Lohan, meanwhile, opted to beat the hotel to the punch. During the ensuing trial in Nevada, Strip mainstays such as MGM Grand, the Mirage, Harrah’s, and the Palms made it clear that they would rather the Juice not stay at their properties. The Wynn and Encore resorts banned Hilton from staying and fired her boyfriend, who was, at that time, manager at two of the resort’s nightclubs. Advertisement 11 of 19 MARKA / Alamy Michael Jackson The Incident: In 2005, the King of Pop reportedly startled a housemaid at London’s Dorchester when he opened the door to his room dressed in a full Mickey Mouse costume. Still Unwelcome? No ban was reported, and Bieber checked in at the Dorchester. “We embrace the spirit of rock ’n’ roll,” says Brandon Powers, creative director of the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Advertisement 12 of 19 ZumaPress. (Roger Daltrey, meanwhile, has been quoted saying the story is true.

Still Unwelcome? After extensive legal wrangling, charges against Quaid were dropped, and his wife was sentenced to three years probation and community service after the bill got settled.August 02, 2012 What does a celebrity bring when checking into a hotel? Glamour, buzz, and sometimes, a whole lot of chaos. Advertisement 4 of 19 Mark Halmas / Icon SMI / Corbis Lil Wayne The Incident: In 2010 the Wynn in Las Vegas issued a preemptive ban against the rapper, who arrived at the hotel for festivities after a performance at the Hard Rock Hotel.com Nicki Minaj The Incident: London’s Dorchester Hotel has a rich reputation for putting up with high-maintenance celebrities, from Diana Ross (who supposedly requested no eye contact from staff) to Christian Bale (who got arrested at the hotel after brawling with his own family). Reportedly, after enough male employees complained about Travolta’s “creepy” antics during massages, the actor was banished to the “no-thigh zone. Crowe pleaded guilty to lower charges, paid court costs, and settled an undisclosed amount with the concierge, who suffered lacerations to his face..” The SoHo hotel officially forgave the incident. An August 1967 stay at a Flint, MI, Holiday Inn was even more explosive, inspiring both legend and controversy. 3 of 19 Ted Soqui / Corbis Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan The Incident: Hollywood’s Standard Hotel found itself entangled with two former child stars in the spring of 2012. Still Unwelcome? The Plaza has reportedly banned Sheen for life—and other Manhattan hotels have taken a similar stance: the Waldorf-Astoria and the Trump SoHo have supposedly refused to book Sheen. Advertisement 19 of 19 Rune Hellestad / Corbis Amy Winehouse The Incident: Sadly, it is perhaps no surprise that the late singer was once ejected from a hotel—the Wellington Hotel on the Isle of Wight—for a drunken, raucous party in her room. He also reportedly skipped out on a bill, and then paid up, at the Park Plaza Hotel in Trier, Germany. Advertisement 18 of 19 Paul A.

They can trash their room or even take a donkey up there, so long as we don’t have to clean up after it in the casino. /Corbis Randy Quaid The Incident: It’s one thing when a hotel asks you to replace a stained couch or a bashed-in TV.. It takes a lot for us to ask someone to leave. Simpson The Incident: In 2007, the tarnished NFL Hall of Famer was charged with 10 felony charges—including kidnapping and armed robbery—after a memorabilia sale gone bad at the Palace Station Hotel in Vegas.” Still Unwelcome? The Dorchester declined to comment on any ban, but a representative said the hotel will ask guests to leave if their presence poses a danger to themselves or other guests. In 2006, the Guns N Roses frontman was staying at Stockholm’s Berns Hotel and, one morning, reportedly got into an argument with a woman in the lobby. Hebert /Retna Ltd. /Corbis Axl Rose The Incident: Perhaps the rocker was having a welcome-to-the-jungle kind of morning. First, former Nickelodeon actress Amanda Bynes was reportedly banned from entering the hotel’s nightclub Smoke & Mirrors when she arrived just hours after she’d been arrested, and then released, on suspicion of a DUI. But in 2011 the hotel asked hip-hop star Nicky Minaj to leave after hordes of her fans crammed into the hotel looking for her, sparking fights and spraying fresh graffiti on the hotel’s elevator doors. The sex-crazed band was also reportedly banned from Seattle’s Edgewater Hotel for a highly inappropriate use of fish they caught outside the bayside hotel’s windows—named the sleaziest moment in rock ’n’ roll by Spin magazine. In Las Vegas, Paris Hilton was once banned from the Wynn after she got arrested there for possession of cocaine.com Vince Neil The Incident: The Mötley Crüe rocker apparently didn’t care for the service he received at Las Vegas’s Palms in Spring 2012. Advertisement 14 of 19 John Hryniuk / Sygma / Corbis Dennis Rodman The Incident: He may have left professional basketball in 2006, but Rodman is continuing his bad-boy status, now as a hotel guest.) Today, a Holiday Inn representative declined to confirm or deny the tale. Either way, the actor was reportedly seen back at the Peninsula’s fitness center in Spring 2012.” With their whirlwind lifestyles, many celebrities spend a lot of time in hotel rooms—and sometimes, hotels end up turning their famous guests away, even banning them, for bad behavior. (The actor’s frustration: being unable to complete a call to his wife in Australia). The complaint? After Winehouse joined the bar’s pianist for an impromptu free concert, other guests complained that she was singing too loudly. Still Unwelcome? In one report, Crowe called the incident a result of “jet lag, loneliness and adrenalin,” and “possibly the most shameful situation that I've ever gotten myself in.” Still Unwelcome? According to reports, Neil replied by calling the hotel staff “liars. The history of celebrity-trashed hotels has its roots, of course, in rock ’n’ roll. Still Unwelcome? Hilton pleaded guilty to drug possession and obstructing an officer, and served a year of probation, as well as paying a $2,000 fine and serving 200 hours of community service. J.

The incident was settled after Rose paid a fine of about $6,800, including $1,300 for the bitten guard. The hotel’s sense of humor ran out in 2009, when it reportedly no longer welcomed Jacko due to the “circus” that accompanied him. A Dorchester representative declined to comment on specific incidents, but said one reason a guest might be asked to leave is if there is considerable disruption to other guests. Minaj reportedly tweeted afterward, “We've officially been kicked out of the hotel! Lmaoooooooo.A. / Corbis John Travolta The Incident: Did the Saturday Night Fever star really lose his spa privileges? According to an insider at New York City’s Peninsula Hotel, Travolta was banned for repeated “inappropriate behavior” at the spa in the early 2000s.com put it). Sure, hosting a famous guest can translate into great PR for a hotel, but “it can also be a mixed bag,” admits Mark Plonkey, the general manager of Denver’s Hotel Teatro. Still Unwelcome? The Standard would not comment, saying only that its policy is “to create a comfortable and inviting experience for their guests,” adding that any incidents are handled on a case-by-case basis. “But we have other guests who come every year and who don’t damage our rooms. The initial charges of assault and weapons possession (the weapon being the phone) might have led to jail time, as well as a ban on working in the U. According to most hotel managers that Travel + Leisure spoke with, most conflicts with celebrities are pretty mundane, and often result from overzealous “handlers:” demands for discounts or precise requests like a bowl of single-colored M&Ms. The Wynn, according to reports, was concerned that Wayne (and the hotel) would be asking for trouble if he came inside. The reason? Bad table manners: she was supposedly smearing her dinner on her face, inspiring several complaints from other guests. A hotel security guard stepped in, and the resulting scuffle culminated in Rose supposedly throwing a vase at an antique mirror, and biting the leg of the guard. Advertisement 13 of 19 Sara De Boer / Retna Ltd. But due to another dispute, over a Santa Barbara rental property, the Quaids are now lying low in Canada. Advertisement 6 of 19 Jason Moore / ZumaPress. According to the hotel’s website, the “Stairway to Heaven” guys were congenial guests, once even obliging to autograph a soccer ball for a staffer and then playing a game with it in the lobby. Advertisement 10 of 19 Ted Streshinsky / Corbis The Who The Incident: Late drummer Keith Moon may have been the founding father of the celebrity-trashed hotel room: he reportedly had a special fondness for blowing up hotel toilets.” 1 of 19 Joe Stevens / Retna Ltd.S. By the end of 2011, the Wynn reportedly reinstated Hilton as a BFF, and she’s been spotted partying at The Encore Hotel’s Surrender nightclub (“Wynning,” as TMZ..” He’s quick to note that most celebrity guests have been nothing but gracious; Eartha Kitt even volunteered to sing in the lobby for fellow guests. Advertisement 5 of 19 Sindeyev Vladimir / ITAR-TASS Photo / Corbis Paris Hilton The Incident: In 2010, just trying to check in at the Wynn got the hotel heiress both banned and facing criminal charges. Advertisement 16 of 19 Anil Sharma / Retna Ltd. The Four Seasons ban was apparently not universal, as Spears has since been spotted at branches in Budapest and Buenos Aires. Russell Crowe The Incident: In 2005, the Oscar winner reportedly lost his temper with a desk clerk at the Mercer Hotel in NYC—and threw a phone at the staffer’s face. What does it take to get officially banned these days? John Travolta recently got bad press with reports of “creepy” behavior that has made him unwelcome at the spa of New York’s Peninsula. Still Unwelcome? Lil Wayne took his business to The Palms instead, without incident. But other hotels know that debauchery can be good for business.com Justin Bieber The Incident: Justin Bieber was apparently behaving himself while he was staying at London’s Langham in June 2012, but fans somehow found out his room number—and the legions of amped-up gals with Bieber fever calling into the hotel reportedly caused its phone system to crash. The Wynn had no comment. Advertisement 8 of 19 ZUMA Wire Service / Alamy Jenn Hoffman The Incident: Be careful what you tweet. Back in the 1960s, The Who was supposedly banned from all Holiday Inns after drummer Keith Moon backed a car into a hotel pool. Still Unwelcome? A representative from the Marmont would not comment on any bans, but said it is the hotel’s policy to “uphold the privacy of their guests. Advertisement 7 of 19 Frank Trapper / Corbis Britney Spears The Incident: Even though the legendary Chateau Marmont has a history of harboring wild celebrities, from Errol Flynn to Dennis Hopper and Lindsay Lohan, the Hollywood hangout reportedly banned Britney in 2007.  In 2010 staff at the Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach, CA, asked police to escort Rodman out of the hotel after he got too rowdy at the bar. Still Unwelcome? Other hotels reportedly followed suit during the pop star’s very public troubles that year: the Beverly Hills Hotel and the Beverly Hills Four Seasons both reportedly closed their doors to Spears’s antics. One night in 2011, Hoffman tweeted about Rachel Hunter, alleging that the actress and model was doing the splits and trying on other guests’ glasses. /Corbis Charlie Sheen The Incident: It’s become a modern hotel-trashing classic: when staying at New York City’s Plaza in 2010, the actor supposedly had an adverse reaction to “medication” and went into an underwear-clad rage in his room—all while a recently acquainted porn actress hid in the bathroom out of fear. Neil put his efforts toward apologizing for his conduct. But the crooner was also asked to leave the bar in London’s Savoy Hotel in 2007 for much tamer reasons.” Still Unwelcome? The ban was lifted after about three years, claimed the Peninsula source, though Travolta’s representative declared the whole thing hogwash.” Advertisement Wholesale Pet preform bottle Moulding 9 of 19 Gene Blevins / LA DailyNews / Corbis O. Within days of the Bynes incident, Lohan reportedly got into a fight with another patron at Smoke & Mirrors, after which Lohan reportedly banned herself from the hotel, declaring it “a curse” for her. As they were pulling up at the hotel, Hilton and her then boyfriend underwent a traffic stop that quickly escalated—culminating when Hilton reached for lip balm in her purse, and a bag of cocaine fell out instead.’s London West Hollywood, supposedly for inappropriate behavior toward guests.” This hasn’t been his first clash with a Vegas hotel, either.” Hoffman, however, wrote on her blog, “Apparently when it comes to status updates, the customer isn’t always right. Still Unwelcome? The Surf and Sand had no immediate comment on the incident, but in recent years, Rodman has also reportedly been asked to leave such hotels as L. Advertisement 15 of 19 Neal Preston / Corbis Led Zeppelin The Incident: The classic ’70s rockers blazed their own trails through American hotels, supposedly riding motorcycles through the Hollywood lobbies of both the Chateau Marmont and the Hyatt (nicknamed The Riot Hotel) on Sunset Boulevard. Sheen’s representative, meanwhile, told one reporter that the actor also has the travel obstacle of finding a hotel that will let him smoke. A representative of the Savoy had no comment on the incident. Hotel staff asked Bieber to leave.” Advertisement 17 of 19 Rahav Segev / ZumaPress. Still Unwelcome? Moon and the rest of The Who were supposedly banned for life from Holiday Inns, but some have dismissed the story as mere folklore. Advertisement 2 of 19 Harry Pluviose / Retna Ltd. “Santa Barbara can sleep better tonight,” Quaid told the Associated Press in 2011, “knowing the Quaids are out of their hair. In 2011 he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and paid a $1,000 fine, for an expletive-laced outburst at the then–Las Vegas Hilton. Rather than fill out a customer reply card, however, he reportedly took to Twitter to vent: “OMG RUDEST STAFF EVER!! Don’t go!!” The Palms released a statement saying that Neil was asked to leave the hotel for undisclosed “behavior” and was not welcome to return: “We would prefer that Mr. “We look at many celebrities as one-hit wonders—they stay once, and we may never see them again,” says David Sanford, general manager of Cape Cod’s Crowne Pointe Historic Inn and Brass Key Hotel. Still Unwelcome? It’s a moot point now, since Simpson was convicted and is serving a 33-year sentence in a Nevada state prison. Sheen’s smashing of mirrors, TV, and furniture supposedly racked up $20,000 in damages before the authorities intervened.and I've done some pretty dumb things

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